The Local Pantry

Regional Products and Pantry Staples

Whether you just forgot a few things or are looking to get a taste of the region, we stock many of the items we use at the Canteen and feature on our tours. We also have our own hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and granola available for you to take home.

How to Order
  1. Order online here and pick up at the Canteen. Your order will be ready for pickup the next day, or at a future date if you choose that option.
  2. Add pantry items to your takeout order. We have a limited selection that can be added to your takeout order to pick up in as little as 15 minutes from now. Visit to get started.
  3. Stop by the Canteen to see what we have in stock, ready to go.

Cabin Meals

The perfect option when you’re looking for more time to play outside or to relax with a book by the fire instead of cooking.

Our Housemade Products

Inspired by our adventures and the region. All our Nordegg Provisions Co. products are made in-house at the Canteen, ready for you to take home.


Regional Producers

Get a taste of the region from some of our favourite producers. Curious about the farmers, producers and artisans we work with? Find out more about how we define local and curate the products we offer.



Klein Farms
Klein Farms
Klein Farms
Caroline Meats